Correcting inaccurate stereotypes about pitbulls – the majority job

A dog advocacy group called animal farm Foundation has been collecting pictures of everyday pitbull owners for its “Majority Project.”

These pictures show that most pitbull dog owners – like all dog owners – are typical people making valuable contributions to their communities.

Through the majority Project, animal farm is showing that these “average” pitbull dog owners are not the exception however the rule.

“Everyday people are the majority,” animal farm states on its web site. “The majority job is designed to difficulty inaccurate stereotypes about ‘pit bull’ dog owners.”

Sometimes breed-specific regulations (BSL) has bit to do with dogs, according to animal Farm. Targeting the dogs is a method to profile or discriminate against people.

Through the majority Project, animal farm wants people to know:

Pitbull dog owners are no different than other dog owners.

There are millions of pitbull owners who online peacefully as well as “unremarkably.”

A little minority of all dog owners are reckless.

When you discriminate against dogs, you are discriminating against people.

BSL does not assist accomplish a typical goal, which is public safety.

Have you ever caught yourself spreading inaccurate stereotypes about pitbull owners?

I understand I have, however that was before I understood better.

Ever catch yourself saying any of these?

“It’s not the dogs, it’s the owners.”

“Pitbulls can be truly nice dogs. It’s exactly how they’re raised.”

“There are so many irresponsible pitbull owners.”

Hmm davvero?

People making these statements may have great intentions, however the statements are obviously extremely false.

Just like the majority of pitbull dogs are great and average dogs, their owners are likewise good, typical dog owners.

Like I’ve stated before, I like to replace “beagle” or “black Lab” with “pitbull.” If it seems like a ridiculous thing to state about a beagle, then why would you state something so ridiculous about a pitbull?

“Beagles can be nice dogs in the right hands.”

“It’s not the black Labs. It’s their owners.”

More about the majority Project

The majority Project is a picture collection illustrating the countless pitbull dog owners who are no different than other dog owners.

Animal farm foundation encourages pitbull dog owners to join the job by visiting as well as printing out as well as customizing an “I am the MAJORITY” indication as well as submitting a picture with their dog. The video below shows a sampling of the pictures so far.

Despite the stereotypes put on them, the majority of pitbull dog owners (like all dog owners) like as well as care for their dogs responsibly.

Go right here to submit your own photo. And, if you email it to me as well, I’ll add your pic to this publish (

Some of the pictures from the majority Project:

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